Parent Hub Now Open!

Parent Hub offers free advice and professional support to parents.

It’s official, the Parent Hub is now open in The Orchard room!

At the Parent Hub, we have refurbished the ‘general purpose room’ into a dedicated space for families to enjoy daily.

What is the Parent Hub? 

The Parent Hub will be used for many things, from daily drop-in sessions, ‘Stay & Play’ groups to Reading Friends training and parenting courses. Which are all free! 

While we invite parents to meet with professional advisors such as housing support officers, PCSO meetings and First-Aid sessions. We also welcome families to come and enjoy The Orchard room for any reason or for no reason at all. 

The Orchard is a dedicated space in our school, designed especially for the Parent Hub. We welcome families to get out of their house and enjoy a nice cup of tea, for a chance to chat with other parents and Mrs Cooper. Parents can come alone or with their babies/ toddlers to socialise and play. Or they can come to ask questions or seek professional advice, support or guidance on anything at all.

It’s a friendly place where parents can socialise with other parents, toddlers can interact with other toddlers and play with our selection of toys and games. More importantly, the Parent Hub is a place that can also be used to ask any questions or voice any concerns regarding your child. You can also speak about any other personal matters with Mrs Cooper in complete confidence.

Who will be at the Parent Hub?

The Parent hub is run by Mrs Cooper the Attendance & Pastoral Officer here at Old bank Academy. A parent herself, Mrs Cooper is a mother of 3 and understands the struggles that come with parenting and knows first-hand how difficult it can be. 

Meet Mrs Cooper at Old Bank Academy
Mrs Cooper – Attendance & Pastoral Officer

Parents that have pupils attending the school and invited, along with their immediate family and friends. 

Babies/ Toddlers are welcome with the company of parents/ carers. You don’t need a child to be at the school to attend the Parent Hub. You could be new to the area or be a new mum wanting to meet other parents. Whatever your situation, you are welcome with your babies/toddlers.

We have plans to bring in housing support advisors so parents can ask questions face-to-face to help with any housing queries. We have also been talking with the local Police Community Support Office (PCSO) and Health Visitors that are more than happy to drop into The Orchard room to help with any questions or concerns.  

What’s on at the Parent Hub?

So far Mrs Cooper will lead the following: 

Daily drop-in Sessions between 09:30 am – 11:30 am, Monday to Friday.

Stay and Playgroups on Thursday afternoons, times may vary please contact us to find out more.

Why have a Parent Hub at school?

The Parent Hub provides a safe place to develop a close relationship with parents, which will ultimately reflect positively on the students at Old Bank Academy. If teachers, parents and carers all talk and listen to each other, we can develop trust for one another and achieve the same goal for their children together.

Over the years we’ve developed a close relationship with our students and their parents at Old Bank Academy and now we finally have a dedicated place to support them. When we understand our pupil’s parents better, we gain insight into how to improve their children’s lives too. Both at school and at home.

Currently only open for parents that have pupils attending our school.

The Parent Hub officially opened on Tuesday 5th October 2021 in The Orchard room at our primary school in Mirfield. It was a full house, with no empty seat as parents and their toddlers came to enjoy each other’s company and meet with Mrs Cooper (Attendance & Pastoral Officer).

If you have any questions about the Parent Hub, please call our reception on 01924 495790 or email our office at

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